20 Years of Concerts: Interactive Tour Maps

Chris Lehman, a longtime friend of Jarchives, created this amazing project chronicling Jars of Clay’s tour history from 1993-2013. These interactive maps represent endless miles, performances, and stories shared between Jars of Clay and their fans. What a cool way to celebrate Jars of Clay’s 20th anniversary!

How to use the maps:

Click on a country, state, or city to see all concerts for that location in the box at the bottom, and click the selected location again to make another selection. The dropdown menus allow you to filter by Tour Name, whether the concerts took place at a school or not, and other fun choices.

States shaded in dark green hosted more concerts than those shaded in light green.

Cities with larger circles hosted more concerts than those with smaller circles.

To Zoom: Move your mouse to the upper left corner of the map and left-click this icon: zoom. Move the magnifying glass where you want to zoom, hold down the left mouse button to draw a box around the zoom area, and release the button to zoom.

To Pan: Hold down the shift key and the left mouse button, and then move the hand around on the map.

Supplemental Resources:
Tour Planner Report (PDF) – Visual representations and analysis of Jars of Clay tour history from 1993-2013.
All Concerts (Excel) – A complete listing of all concerts, including graphs