Free Download: June 2015 StageIt (Full Show)

Jars of Clay is offering the full recording of their most recent StageIt concert as a free download!

Fans who attended this performance remember the band’s stunning medley of Shipwrecked, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and My Heavenly. Now Jars of Clay fans everywhere will be able to enjoy and preserve this amazing performance!

To download Jars of Clay StageIt: June 2015 (Acoustic), click here (Zip file, 108 MB).

June StageIt

Track List:
1. Like a Child
2. Heart
3. [Banter]
4. The Valley Song
5. Only Alive
6. I Don’t Want You to Forget
7. Overjoyed
8. Shipwrecked / Bridge Over Troubled Water / My Heavenly
9. Lesser Things

As always, the media provided by is offered freely with permission from the band. Never pay for bootlegs and unauthorized recordings! We strongly encourage supporting the band financially by buying their commercial releases: iTunes / Amazon / Webstore

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