Fall 2017 Update

Christmas Songs Vinyl on Sale Now Jars of Clay’s Christmas Songs is getting a vinyl release! This pressing is limited to only 500 copies, so get yours now.

Lulu and the Long Walk Kickstarter: Ends October 22nd Dan recently announced that he is publishing a new children’s book! Illustrated by international visual artist Joel Schoon-Tanis, […]

Stream the Music City Roots Concert Anytime!

The video of Jars of Clay’s performance at Music City Roots in Nashville last night has been archived on the program’s livestream page. Click here to launch the page and watch it anytime! Jars of Clay’s set begins at 2:18:48.

Jars of Clay to Perform on Music City Roots Tonight

Tonight, August 24th, Jars of Clay will be performing on Music City Roots, a two-hour live concert and radio show produced in Nashville. The concert will be streamed live from Music City Roots’ website at 7pm CDT.

Jars of Clay will be joined by Willy Tea Taylor, Geoff Achison, and Violet Delancey on the […]

Free Download: June 2015 StageIt (Full Show)

Jars of Clay is offering the full recording of their most recent StageIt concert as a free download!

Fans who attended this performance remember the band’s stunning medley of Shipwrecked, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and My Heavenly. Now Jars of Clay fans everywhere will be able to enjoy and preserve this amazing performance!

To download […]

Jars of Clay: Acoustic Concert from 1999

Jars of Clay has given us permission to share another rare video! Enjoy this full acoustic concert from the Country Music Hall of Fame, dating all the way back to 1999:

This video originally streamed from Tappedinto Entertainment’s website as a part of the promotion for If I Left the Zoo. In addition to […]