Wayback Wednesday: The Widowing Field (11th Hour Concert Outtake)

It’s time for another Wayback Wednesday! The band is allowing us to share another rare outtake from Jars of Clay: The Eleventh Hour Concert. This performance of The Widowing Field was left on the cutting room floor for 11 Live: Jars of Clay in Concert.

Thanks again to Bobby S. for sharing this video […]

Wayback Wednesday: Fade to Grey Live (11th Hour Concert Outtake)

For this week’s Wayback Wednesday, we’ve uncovered footage that hasn’t been seen for over 10 years! The band has kindly allowed us to share a rare video of Fade to Grey from Jars of Clay: The Eleventh Hour Concert, a pay-per-view event that aired on Sunday, March 3rd, 2002. This rendition is a unique arrangement […]

Wayback Wednesday: The Making of Christmas Songs

For this week’s Wayback Wednesday, we’re featuring The Making of Christmas Songs! Earlier this week, someone* spliced together a compilation of various “making of” videos produced by the band in the months leading up to the release of Christmas Songs.

Is there something you’d like to see featured on Wayback Wednesday? Let us know! […]

Wayback Wednesday: NBC’s “Kings” Promo

For this week’s Wayback Wednesday, we’re featuring the commercial for NBC’s short-lived Kings series. The trailer made prominent use of Jars of Clay’s song Hero, drumming up excitement for both the series and the band’s then-forthcoming album. While we all agree that The Long Fall Back to Earth was a hit, television ratings proved that […]

Wayback Wednesday: 1995 “Tour Bus Tour”

For this week’s Wayback Wednesday, we’re featuring Jars of Clay’s “Tour Bus Tour” video from circa 1995:

This video originally appeared on the Jars of Clay Interactive CD-ROM, released in the wake of their first album’s success. If you’re willing to sift through a few personal and unrelated videos, Youtube user John Day uploaded […]