Jars of Clay: Please play a StageIt concert in September to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Much Afraid!

*Either that, or they could release Blame. That’d be cool, too.

Much Afraid is one of the greatest albums of all time. Of all time!

In 2014 Jars of Clay celebrated their 20th year as a band with much fanfare; we think Much Afraid deserves a little love, too. This informal petition asks the band […]

Free Download: Inland StageIt Highlights

Jars of Clay is offering a free download of highlights from their most recent StageIt concert!

The tracklist is as follows: 1 – Left Undone 2 – Portland Stories (Banter Track) 3 – Age of Immature Mistakes 4 – Reckless Forgiver 5 – StageIt Questions (Banter Track) 6 – Human Race 7 – Skin […]

Jars 20 Weekend Updates!

We won’t be posting a weekly review this Friday, as we will be in Nashville for the Jars 20 Weekend! Be sure to follow us on twitter for copious updates: @jarsofclayfans

Weekly Review: August 29th, 2014

Free Download: Good Monsters StageIt Highlights Jars of Clay is offering a free download of some of the best performances from Tuesday’s Good Monsters StageIt. Use the widget below to get your free download of Jars 20 StageIt: Good Monsters (Acoustic):

More Reviews for 20 Reviews continue to come in for the new album, […]

Fans Review “20” by Jars of Clay

A couple weeks ago, we asked fans to share their initial reactions to 20, the new album by Jars of Clay. The verdict is in: Jars fans love this record!

Purchase: iTunes | AmazonMp3 | Amazon (CD/LP)

If you’re on the fence about picking up 20, check out what Jars of Clay fans themselves […]